Samsung is ready to cancel the Note range and the Galaxy Note 9’s eye-watering price is likely to be a big reason why. But don’t write this phone off yet, because Samsung has suddenly confirmed it has genuinely radical upgrades…  

In a trio of new teaser commercials (below), Samsung has decided to publicise features which are true world firsts for the Galaxy range and – in some cases – for smartphones in general. Let’s break them down.

Galaxy Note 9 concept proved to be too

Commercial #1 – Largest Battery

Dubbed “Battery can’t keep up?” – Samsung has doubled down on what, for many, will be the biggest selling point of the Galaxy Note 9: a huge 4,000 mAh battery. This is the largest battery Samsung has ever put into a mass market smartphone.

Samsung’s own filings have confirmed this capacity, so it has not been a secret for some time. But it’s clear by the company’s promotion that – unlike some killer features – this one was not killed before release.

Commercial #2 – Largest Storage

In its second teaser, “Never have enough storage?”, Samsung flaunts perhaps its most significant U-turn in recent years. While Samsung used to load its Galaxy phones with as much memory as possible, since 2015 it has actually cut them back to the bare minimum and relied on the microSD expansion slot instead. This despite Samsung making huge smartphone storage capacities and selling them to rivals like Apple.

The Galaxy Note 9 changes this and it will come with an industry-leading 512GB with its microSD card able to add a further 1TB. This will truly be a storage king.

Commercial #3 – Fastest Performance

Samsung’s third and final teaser is called “Phone too slow?” and it promotes the Galaxy Note 9’s performance, which we know will be the first mass-market Galaxy to come with 8GB of RAM.

Chinese brands, including OnePlus, have recently launched phones with 8GB RAM but for Samsung, this breaks new ground. With the phone’s functionality set to increase significantly thanks to a completely redesigned S Pen, the Galaxy Note 9 is going to need a lot of memory and it’s getting it.

When Bigger Is Not Better

The problem for Samsung – who has been ‘accidentally’ leaking Galaxy Note 9 features for months – is that all these increases also include a major increase in price despite design stagnation.

Granted the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t cost $2,000 like Samsung’s real passion project, but it’s a big ask in a year when Apple will cut iPhone prices. Still, if the Galaxy Note series is to end, then at least the Galaxy Note 9 will do it by staying true to what made the series such a hit in the first place: making everything absolutely massive…


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